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Wednesday 29th June 2016

We’re in CROC TERRITORY! No actual sightings as yet, but I’m on the lookout..


Tuesday 28th June 2016

So, if you find yourself in Townsville.. do as the locals do and head to Castle Hill Lookout. This is so popular with locals, if you drive to the top instead of tackling the walk, you will be dodging healthy happy walkers all the way along the road!

And then, you get to the top..

What a special place, it is so unusual to have the opportunity to see a town and surrounding areas like this, with a 360 degree view, close enough to make out the individual streets and highlights, but far enough up to see way into the distance, including the stunning Magnetic Island just off the coast.. If you are here, just make the trip up to check it out, you wont be disappointed!


Monday 27th June 2016

More exploring around Townsville. They have really maintained their heritage here, with beautiful old buildings and celebrations of the local history, which are fantastic for visitors. Another tourist highlight is the Great Barrier Reef HQ, an aquarium and information centre on the Great Barrier Reef and animals that you can find there. We stopped in at the Turtle Hospital, where they administer aid to injured sea turtles and rehabilitate them to be returned to the wild. It is so encouraging to see the passion and dedication of these locals for protecting the wildlife at risk in the area.


Sunday 26th June 2016

We’re supporting a local organization while in Townsville, the ‘Polocrosse Club', who offer hot showers and a place to stay for travelers in the area.

While based here just out of town, we can access Townsville and surrounds easily. This morning we enjoyed the local markets and picked up some local goodies, then explored the Foreshore, which is a real highlight of this town. The walkway is fantastic, and the Kissing Point Walk (which highlights the war efforts of Australia in these parts) is an important and moving tribute. Another important and moving tribute nearby is the Ethno Botanical Walk, where you can learn more about the local Indigenous Australian population, including some interesting details on local flora and fauna. Absolutely a must see when enjoying this beautiful part of the world!


Saturday 25th June 2016

Doing some more Airlie Beach exploration today before moving on, this is another town that has created a fantastic bike/walking trail to showcase their local highlights, and it is absolutely worth the effort. We rode from Cannonvale Beach around to Airlie Beach, where the Saturday Morning Markets were in full swing.. These markets are great fun.  Lots of local artists, foodies and produce on offer, they really celebrate this area and the local people..

We’re leaving Airlie Beach today unfortunately, but its hard to feel sad when you’re off to Townsville!


Friday 24th June 2016

Island Adventure Day! Our Great Barrier Reef tour today is with Whitehaven Xpress, and what a fantastic day… we spent time on the ‘tropical paradise’ stretch of beach that is Whitehaven beach, where the tropical fish can be seen in the water while walking along the shore! Then after a lovely BBQ lunch and a chat with the other fun people on our tour, we did the Hill Inlet Climb, to see one of the most photographed spots in Australia, and boy, does it live up to the reputation!

Then SNORKELLING! My favourite!! There were turtles, a huge variety of tropical fish, some incredible coral, plus being ‘humpback whale season’, we spotted a resting whale as well.. So much fun. This area is just spectacular, the islands here are such a wonderful asset to Australia, we are so grateful for the opportunity to explore the area ourselves!

Matt: One of the best days on this trip so far. As voted by me.


Thursday 23rd June 2016

Our excursion today took us to Bowen, which is a fantastic little town, where they filmed the movie Australia with the beautiful Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. They have preserved this little town beautifully, and it is a pleasure to explore! Another pleasure of this place is the beaches.. we snorkeled off Horseshoe beach, and it was sensational! So close to shore, you can find a huge variety of tropical fish and spectacular coral. An absolute treat of a day!

 Matt: Horseshoe Beach ROCKS!


Wednesday 22nd June 2016

 State of Origin – Game No. 2..

The famous ‘Airlie Beach’! We’re basing ourselves here for a couple of days while we explore this area. It is certainly popular with tourists, and is a lovely resort town offering everything an experience hungry tourist could want, with all sorts of tours to the Great Barrier Reef, restaurants, shopping, adventure sports, or lazing by the swimming lagoon in the centre of town. We’re booked in for a tour to Whitehaven Beach while we’re here, cant wait!

For S.O.O No.2, we booked ourselves in for dinner in Maroons territory.. the Beaches Hotel.. Ok, so NSW didn’t quite make the cut, but it was great to see the passion of the locals cheering for their team (while we sat in the corner cheering under the table LOL!)

 Matt: N.S.W. Honestly..


Tuesday 21st June 2016

Cape Hillsborough is famous for the wallabies that visit the beach in the mornings, and they certainly attract a crowd, but this beautiful spot has so much more to offer, with the lovely Wedge Island, accessible only at low tide, home to a wide array of sea life, and beautiful walks through the headland.


Saturday 18th June 2016

Another local highlight today, Finch Hatton Gorge.. We took on the 2 hour return hike to the Wheel of Fire, and we’re rewarded with a swim in the deep, stunningly blue, cool waters of the gorge. This is a popular place for tourists and locals, and not surprising, the walk is lovely, and the swimming hole is so much fun!

Matt: This place has some serious waterfalls. I liked your cheeky custom bathing costume change station....behind the rock...lol


Friday 17th June 2016

Today marks our six month anniversary of life on the road! What an adventure it has been already! So excited about what is coming up next in our journey!

On advice from the very helpful staff at the Mackay Information Centre, we’re off to Eungella National Park today, to spot the platypus in Broken River, and do some rainforest bushwalking. We came across one of the most tranquil and lovely river side spots we’ve encountered on the whole trip here today, Matt got his feet wet, and we soaked up the sounds of rushing water and enjoyed the turtles and Blue Ulysses Butterflies dancing around the trees. Just sensational!

Helpful hint: If you’re up this way, take the heavy duty bug spray.. Leeches.. 

Matt: Haha. One minute, "This place is so beautiful", the next minute, "run for your lives.." Absolute golden moment.


Thursday 16th June 2016

Mackay today! There is so much great stuff to do in this town.. We pulled out the bikes and did the ‘Blue Trail’, which follows the river and showcases the highlights, including a sensational free ‘Bluewater Lagoon’ for swimming (unfortunately the weather today wasn’t exactly ideal for swimming, but we got our feet wet and enjoyed watching the braver kids play in the water bucket!). We’re staying a short distance out of Mackay for a couple of days, in a place called Mirani. Hopefully we can get around and see some of the sights here!


Wednesday 15th June 2016

A visit to the ‘Sugar Shed’ today.. a tour of the sugar cane mill here in Sarina. This was really interesting and informative, going right through the process and products created in the sugar mill, plus some samples of their locally made relishes, sauces, liqueurs and rum! Definitely recommend this if you’re in town!

Matt: Loved the sweetness of biting into the sugar cane. The tastings were a real treat!


Monday 13th June 2016

Moved on up the coast today to Sarina.. ‘sugar cane central’! It’s exciting to be this far north in Queensland, and see these fantastic little towns!


Friday 10th June 2016

Today we’re in Rockhampton, seeing the sights, and catching up on some R&R with a movie at the cinemas..


Thursday 9th June 2016

We are utilizing good old Youcamp.com for the next couple of days, staying at Scot’s Permaculture in Cawarral, seeing permaculture techniques in action and enjoying a lovely rural setting.

Also on the agenda today...Yeppoon Main Beach to visit.. The Yeppoon Kraken! What a fun water park for the kids (big and small!)

Matt: Release the Kraken!!!!


Wednesday 8th June 2016

Island Adventure Day! Great Keppel Island J What an island paradise! We weren’t really sure what to expect on arrival, we were dropped off literally on the sand on Fishermans Beach, this island has very little development or people around, particularly at this time of year, so we were free to roam and explore to our hearts content! We hiked around to Monkey Beach with our snorkeling gear to check out the underwater action, which was sensational. This is definitely on the ‘must return to’ list – preferably with a week to really soak up the sun and beauty!


PhotoFrame Portrait



Monday 6th June 2016

Still making our way North up the coast. Lunch harbourside today in Gladstone with the seagulls, then checking into Capricorn Palms Holiday Park, just near Yeppoon, a nice little spot to use as a base to explore the area.


Sunday 5th June 2016

We can highly recommend breakfast at Cedar Galleries Arts and Craft Village, and the laser tag was great fun going by the laughter we heard today! You can check out what else is on offer at this lovely place on their website.



Saturday 4th June 2016

Tucked away in this tranquil bushland oasis has been fantastic for us. Despite the torrential rains last night (of which we were grateful not to be experiencing in our camper trailer tent!) the sun came up today, the peacocks stopped by for a visit, and I got to cuddle an alpaca before dinner time! What a great day!


 PhotoFrame 4 up


Friday 3rd June 2016

So the rain has caught up with us, which is fantastic news for locals here in Queensland who have certainly missed it lately! We’ve checked into Cedar Gallery at Calliope, a fantastic Artisan Village and venue for weddings, conference and parties. We’re here for the weekend, and I’m looking forward to meeting the resident alpacas at feeding time tomorrow!

Matt: Alpaca my bags then?


Thursday 2nd June 2016

A short trip up the road to explore the town 1770 today.. There is another fantastic walking trail along the headland, with butterflies, unique and interesting rock formations, and some ferocious waves! This is such an interesting place in Australia’s history, it is fantastic to see and experience it first hand.

Crowdy Bay 01-2

Captain James Cook Cairn, 1770

Captain James Cook Cairn, 1770



Wednesday 1st June 2016

Here we are at Agnes Water, doing some off grid camping at Workmans Beach in this historic little town. We’ve got the solar panels out, and the fingers crossed for the forecast rain not to wash us away!