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Tuesday 29th March 2016

Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Tram’d it into Melbourne tonight for a touch of comedy. Pre show dinner at The Long Room, then over to Melbourne Town Hall to check out Anne Edmonds - hilarious! Then of course Matt twisted my arm to check out Chopper over at the Athenaeum Theatre. Absolutely worth it!

Matt: I didn't twist your arm!  Ok, I did.


Sunday 27th March 2016

Easter spent in Croydon Hills on a house sitting/puppy sitting adventure, nice to have walls and carpet, plus the chance to catch up on some work!

Matt: Loved Tiger at dinner time. Too funny!


Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Bike riding again today! This time we did the 27km Trail Ride from Yarram to Port Albert, to check out the small but hugely impressive Maritime Museum, another must see in this area. Dinner tonight was courtesy of the Yarram Country Club Parma night! Yum!

Matt: Thanks Yarram Country Club!


Monday 21st March 2016

One of my favourite days so far, visiting the little gem of a town, Walhalla. Walhalla is an old gold mining town, nestled in the bottom of a mountainous gully. Did the Gold Mine tour, and a private tour of the Old Post Office, then a climb up to the cemetery you have to see to believe! Keep an eye out for a story on this place soon!


Wallhala March 21_01


Sunday 20th March 2016

Returned to Wilsons Promotory today, visiting the local emus, and completed the Mount Oberon Summit walk! What a spectacular view!



Emus, Wilsons Promotory

Emus, Wilsons Promotory.


Wednesday 16th March 2016

Today was a real highlight! Drove up to Tarra Bulga National Park and enjoyed some of their beautiful walks. The Chythea walk was possibly one of the loveliest I’ve ever done, through temperate rainforest, it leads around the fern gullies, and is just stunning! Further around the Park, we spent a few hours hiking through the rainforest canopy and fern gullies from the visitor centre, where we were lucky enough to see an elusive Lyre Bird, 300 year old monstrously tall Mountain Ash trees and 1000 year old Myrtle Beech trees. What a beautiful spot!




Monday 14th March 2016

Today we drove over to Sale and had a look around the town and surrounding areas, then checked out some of the beaches along the Ninety Mile Beach, including Paradise Beach, Loch Sport and Golden Beach.


Trinculo Wreck Remains, Ninety Mile Beach

Trinculo Wreck, Ninety Mile Beach.


Friday 11th March 2016

We are now staying in Yarram, an interesting little town that is located in the Gippsland area. While exploring the town centre, we were fortunate enough to get a quick private tour through the iconic Regent Theatre, with its old reel projector and fascinating history.

Matt: That theatre was cool!


PhotoFrame-LandscapeYarram Mar 11_04Yarram Mar 11_05






Tuesday 8th March 2016

We spent today exploring Wilsons Promotory, the Southern most tip of Australia. Starting with a short hike down to Whisky Bay, then driving around to the visitor centre at Tidal Bay. They have a lovely short wetlands walk right near the Information Centre, and after lunch we did a more involved hike around to Squeaky Beach. Definitely need to come back here and explore further!


Whiskey Bay, Wilson's Promotory

Whiskey Bay, Wilson's Promotory.

Tidal River, Wilson's Promotory

Tidal River, Wilson's Promotory.


Sunday 6th March 2016

Wonthaggi State Mine visit today, where we did the underground mine tour, which is well worth the effort. We moved on today to Walkerville Camping Reserve. Now this is a beautiful spot, we’re right under the trees, right on the coast, and are surrounded by wildlife! Birds, koalas, wombats, echidnas..  Sensational!




Friday 4th March 2016

So today and yesterday have been spent exploring Phillip Island. We had visited the penguins at the Penguin Parade previously, so thought we’d spend some time checking out the other awesome things this island has to offer.  Cue baby penguins at Nobbies; a magnificent stretch of beach near the Pinnacles; excellent swimming and surfing at aptly named Surf Beach; Forest Caves; Cowrie Beach with the baby penguins in their nests waiting for mum and dad; pelican feeding at San Remo (Ok, technically not Phillip Island, but right next to the bridge to get over there and a great little experience!); the lovely Bird Wetland Sanctuary walk and topped off with dinner at Cowles – where a stray seal stopped by to say Hi on the jetty! A full on couple of days with so much fun!


 Phillip Island Mar 04_04Phillip Island Mar 04_03Phillip Island Mar 04_02Phillip Island Mar 04_01

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