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Monday 29th February 2016

Happy Leap Day! Nice to get an extra day for our trip this year! We’ve moved to Lang Lang Reserve, just a little further up the coast. A top little spot right on the bay, overlooking Frenchs Island.

Matt: Extra day, yes!


Friday 26th February 2016

Another big adventure day! We rode from our campsite at Rosebud to Sorrento, and caught the ferry across to Queenscliff for the day. The ferry trip is definitely a worthwhile addition to a visit to this area. Taking our bikes, instead of driving, not only saved us a fair bit of money, it also allowed us to ride the fantastic bike trail to Point Lonsdale, well worth the effort! Another highlight was our tour of Fort Queenscliff, a great extension of our day yesterday on the other side of The Rip. This was a taxing day, with 38km of bike riding, but absolutely worth it!


Matt: We were the only ones that showed up so we had a personal tour of the Fort.  The currents around the entrance to Port Phillip are amazing.  I can't sit down after all that riding!



The Rip, Point Lonsdale

The Rip, Point Lonsdale


Thursday 25th February 2016

Today we explored Port Nepean – what a fascinating place! Steeped in history and beautiful as well, we took in the Quarantine Station; Fort Nepean with its tunnels and old remains, plus the spot where Prime Minister Holt went missing. A great day of adventures!



Fort Nepean

Fort Nepean.


Monday 22nd February 2016

Still exploring this great area, today Ashbourne Maze and Lavender Farm, then our hike today was 7km from Mount Schank Lighthouse to Fingal Beach. This is a beautiful walk along stunning coastline, with a couple of local echidnas along the path to say Hi to as well!

Matt: Where were all those Gnomes? I'm still waiting for you to find me in the maze...


Mount Compass Jan 09_01

Ashcombe Maze Garden.


Sunday 21st February 2016

Back on the beach today – the weather has finally cleared up for us! Sorrento Back Beach, an obvious favourite with locals and well worth a dip!


Saturday 20th February 2016

Today the hike found us at Arthur’s Seat – a great lookout over this beautiful part of the world. A short distance from this is the Endeavour Fern Gully and sunlit gardens. Dinner tonight was a real treat – Osho Indian at Rosebud, this is run by a chef to the stars, and the food was sensational. What a day!


Sunday 14th February 2016

Happy Valentines Day! Matt and I enjoyed a nice day in and around this beautiful part of the world!

Matt: It must be noted I took you out for dinner. I think.


Saturday 13th February 2016

This morning we enjoyed snorkeling the Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary. Then over to the town of Flinders, for some fresh mussels off the pier, which I must say went down nicely with a glass of local white wine for dinner!

Matt: The mussels were so nice. I didn't see any mushrooms at the reef..


Friday 12th February 2016

Today we returned to Mornington for a visit to the Regional Art Gallery, which was very enjoyable. Even more enjoyable, however, was the Mornington Botanical Rose Garden! Absolutely divine gardens and so worth a visit! Tonight we took a trip to London Bridge… on the Mornington Peninsula that is.. for some stunning sunset photos!

Matt: The Botanic Rose Garden is run by volunteers. They do an awesome job!



Gunamatta Beach

Gunamatta Beach.

Sunset, Gunamatta Beach

Sunset, Gunamatta Beach.


Wednesday 10th February 2016

Cape Schank today, with such beautiful coastline, it was fantastic to find a charming boardwalk hike down to the inlet and rockpools to really get in and explore the area.




Tuesday 9th February 2016

Our bike ride to Dromana Beach today along the Bay Trail was fantastic. An awesome and unexpected treat was watching three huge stingrays go about their business off Rosebud Pier!


Rosebud Pier

Rosebud Pier.

Stingray, Rosebud Pier

Stingray, Rosebud Pier.


Sunday 7th February 2016

Moved a bit further down the coast today, to Capel Sound Campsite at Rosebud. We’re planning to settle in here for a little while, and why not! Central location, good facilities, lovely wildlife including black swans on the water, a lovely long stretch of beach and not too many people around – heaven! Plus there is a great Bay Trail bike ride we cant wait to check out!


Saturday 6th February 2016

Up the coast to check out Brighton and the famous Beach Huts today. With a stop in at St Kilda as well.


PhotoFrame-Portrait PhotoFrame-Portrait-2


Thursday 4th February 2016

Oh the joys! Peninsula Hot Springs! Soaking away in natural hot springs is an experience you cant let pass!

Matt: What about the plunge pool and the Turkish Bath.. 🙂


Monday 1st February 2016

We have moved down the coast to Mornington Holiday Park, settling in to explore the Mornington Peninsula.


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