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Sea Acres Rainforest Walk

If you find yourself in Port Macquarie, a ‘must do’ activity is a visit to the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, just a short distance from the Port Macquarie CBD.



This much loved tourist destination boasts one of the largest remnants of coastal subtropical rainforest that can be found in NSW, showcasing how much of the area looked in the past as the preserved land is largely untouched, further protected by the boardwalk installations.


The nature reserve was established in 1987 but has been recognised as a place of beauty and ecological significance since 1913.


Whether you drive or catch a bus from the CBD to the Centre you will find out more about the area and this rainforest. Enjoy the lovely café and gift shop, opt for a guided tour or simply stroll the beautiful forest boardwalk at your own leisure.


Sea Acres Rainforest Boardwalk


The Rainforest Boardwalk is a 1.3km elevated walkway through this tranquil and beautifully preserved area of subtropical rainforest. This is a nice easy walk on a wonderfully constructed and well maintained boardwalk, and is also completely wheelchair accessible.


You can wander deep into the heart of this beautiful Nature Reserve, with trees towering way above your head, winding your way through an excellent vantage point to enjoy the undergrowth, tree tops and trickling streams, as well as the incredible variety of plants and animals, with over 275 plants and 140 animal species found in the park. The animals here include lace monitors, brush turkeys, water dragons, lizards, wallabies, to name a few.


You can sit on one of several of the Boardwalk's  seats  and enjoy the quiet calm and stillness, the cool air on your skin, and the fresh scent of trees and earth surrounding you. This is an activity best done at a leisurely pace, and while taking your time the tranquil silence will be interlaced with bursts of birdsong, rustling of the breeze in the trees and the occasional sound of animals moving through the undergrowth while you submerge yourself in this majestic rainforest.


My personal favourite, the Strangler Fig, is easy to spot throughout the forest, creating their own artworks on the trees they attach themselves to, while providing fruit for many of the native birds and animals in the rainforest.


Aboriginal History


The Birpai people are the original custodians of this area and have lived in the Port Macquarie and Hastings region for many thousands of years. Sea Ares Rainforest Centre showcases local Birpai artists and provides information on the history and traditions of these people. Visitors to the centre can also experience the interactive ‘Spirit of the Land’ exhibition, which is excellent for adults and children alike.


You can find out more about this permanent exhibition here.



A visit to the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre in Port Macquarie will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.


It is a welcome break as you travel through this area.



For more information about the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, and to plan your own visit, check out their website here.