13 Month Australian Trip

Welcome to our website!


We are currently on the road in 2016, embracing the challenges and adventures of an exciting tour around Australia.

‘We believe all things are possible with determination, hard work and belief. 

Our ‘home’ set-up for this tour is a CUB Spacematic Drover hard floor camper trailer, modified to make it comfortable and useful for longer term travel, and our 2010 Prado.. (named Cubby and KeVie respectively!).


We’ve been on the road since December 2015, starting out from our home in Newcastle, NSW, heading across to Adelaide for Christmas with family, then following the coast all the way around to Victoria. We cut back up through Victoria in April to visit the Snowy Mountains, and have been making our way back up through ACT and New South Wales.


You’re joining us as we’re about to enter Queensland, we’ll be there exploring for a couple of months, then will move across to Northern Territory in July, and then further across to Western Australia around September, both of these are places we have never been before, and are so excited to be heading to!


Our preparation for this trip has been huge, and despite some initial challenges, we’ve settled into our life on the road, and we are loving it! We’ve created this website not only to share our experiences on the road, but also to both highlight and demonstrate that wherever and whoever you are ‘ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE’ with determination, hard work and belief. 


In coming months, we’ll show you a little more about our travel set up, our travel plans, and our life on the road, plus share stories and highlights of people and places we discover along the way. As well as some tricks and trips we discover on the road, for your own interest and benefit.


Thanks for joining us. We look forward to your company as we set our sights on helping to make our world a better place.